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The Best part of collecting antiques nowadays is that you do not have to think to become an antique dealer to buy the antiques. Even many people are indulging on buying antiques as a weekend hobby. And How? Simple.. buying antiques online, through reliable sites much like https://www.realrareantiques.com/antique-chinese-porcelain/, that's it! Great bargains could be done online given that you know the art and the tricks of the trade. Any items can be bought or sold online, given it's not on the register of the government's list of stolen antiques and artifacts.

Sites that sell antiques online:


E-Bay was the only trusted commercial site which was game for the selling of online goods. But nowadays, besides E-Bay, there are several other sites that are literally doing great for themselves, when it boils down to the selling and buying of the antiques. Sites like: Bonanza, Etsy, Craiglist are competing to become the customer’s favorite day by day. Some of the sites like Etsy and Artfire have also incorporated a section dedicated to handmade antiques, to gain popularity among the customers.



How to go for safe online buying?


• Research before you buy: In the age of the internet, the world has become much transparent for both the good and the bad. Thanks to the internet, the price of antique pieces are not hidden nowadays. Therefore, research on the item you need to buy. On an activity basis, one can go to the big auction houses or to the antique market to know about the current market trend on antiques.


• Antiques are not always investment: Some of the collectors view antiques as an investment and want to see a return of 30 percent per year. But one needs to understand that antiques are not like the stock market, it takes a decade for an item to gain market value. Therefore, learn to love and cherish the antiques you purchase.


• Don’t Follow the Trends: Famille Rose, which is a porcelain type famous for its pink color is currently topping the favorite charts of the antique market, antique horses were trending some years ago, but they are now slowing in pace. If you want to invest in something that is constant buy the porcelain from the Ming Dynasty.


• Ask More to Know More: The basic way to gain knowledge about any definite topic, is also applicable when it comes to ceramics: It’s quite simple actually; you must ask more to know more. Reading reference books about Ceramics and Chinese Porcelain might give you the base, but do not lose any chance to pick a specialist’s brain and ask as many questions as possible and there is no one better than a specialist who could enlighten you better than the ceramics.